Marketing is tough. Marketing online and actually getting results is even tougher. Millions of content is being shared online every day, hundreds of hours spent watching videos and advertisements and simple keywords can return millions of results, making it that much harder to break through.

This is why most companies (not all!) should utilize email marketing to survive the competition. With Email Marketing, you know what sort of content is being sent to your market and when. In essence you control the content, whereas online, third parties can possibly block your content through algorithms.

It also gives you data on people you are interested in you. These people actively signed up for your mailing list, so you know these people are highly interested and actually WANT to receive information from you. Check out where they are, their interaction rate (opens/clicks) and you can tailor your emails to appeal to them. Ergo, you are learning a lot about your target customer.

So you know that email marketing is important. What is one thing you should be doing with it?

One word: Segmentation.

People love to be catered to, and this includes personalization of content to them. If you’re business serves the nation, you can segment by regions to appeal to events special to the region or weather patterns. IE, people in Florida would welcome an email to check on their AC units in January, while people in New Hampshire would not be interested.

It’s all about making your customers feel special and recognized; so use the segmentation tools where you can.