What makes great Internet marketing? When you’re attracting new followers, new customers and building a strong brand behind your company name. While each target will be different for each business, the same practices can be used to ensure you are taking advantage of Internet Marketing opportunities and in turn, attracting new customers to your business.

Whether you are just getting started or need to refresh your strategy, here are five ways to boost your Internet marketing strategy.

1. Practice good SEO techniques within your website design and blog posting.

Educate yourself on SEO and ways you can have your blog and website reach top hits in organic Google searches. When selecting your design, be aware of best practices and search-friendly layouts, designs, platforms and more.

2. Utilize Email Marketing, and use it effectively.

Whatever business you are in, you need to be using email marketing.  Statistics say that 69.7% of US Internet users prefer using email when communicating with businesses. Your mailing list will be your top way of sharing and speaking to your target customer – use them for promotions, contests and feedback.

3. Build a responsive opt in to your mailing list.

Don’t be spammy, but encourage visitors to get behind your business and sign up for your mailing list. A clean pop up on your website offering an enticing gift or purposeful message can grow your mailing list significantly, therefore allowing you to market your target directly.

4. Share, discuss, write and publish articles online that attract your target market.

Stay in the public eye by sharing, commenting as well as contributing online with articles and blog posts to appear where your target customer is. Sharing your expertise will attract potential customers – it’s most appealing to work with companies that are active online and “in the know”.

5. Design a site accessible to all major platforms – including laptop, desktop and mobile.

Responsive design in websites is being used more and more and recognized as the next must have for your site. Having your company website looking beautiful on every platform accessible to your customers, you’ll stand apart from the competitors.

With these tips, your company will be on its way to a strong Internet marketing strategy that will boost your business!