We all want our online presence to be easily seen by our target market, audience and customer.  If your customers cannot find you online when they are searching for your services, you will not survive your competition. While there are many strategies to help build your positive online presence, there are some things you can do that will help you out instantly. Here are three things you can do in just one day to improve your online presence.

1. Update Your Google My Business Page

Because Google is the most used search engine, it’s important to keep your information updated and consistent across the web on your Google My Business page. Google provides a great step by step guide here on keeping your profile update.

2. Add a Site Map To Your Website and Submit to the Google Search Console

A Sitemap is simply a list of all visible pages on your website that readers and more importantly search engines can access while viewing or indexing your website.  It makes your website search engine uber-friendly and also makes it easier for your visitors to find something. It will give your SEO a boost because it puts those links into the major search engines, making it easy for them to find the correct information on your business.

Make it count and verify your sitemap with Google Search Console, using these simple steps.

3. Add More Relevant Content To Your Website

Content is KING for improving your online presence. It’s critical that your company stay relevant and that you are consistently giving your customers content for them to interact with, be informed with, and ultimately build trust with your company because of the content. Try to focus in on your customer persona and what sort of content they enjoy to get started.